A Kentuckian born deep in our mountains and raised in the flatlands tends to exhibit contradictions. Father Charles sold insurance to feed the family but should have been a cabinet maker - inventor - humorist - writer - his avocations. Mother Florence Carey was a genuinely gifted artist, and a talented paralegal before the term was coined. Sister Nancy is an artist and Bay Area magazine editor while my son Clint a musician and song writer. Sister Mary Eve is a banker, but a humorist like Charles. Schooled in business and economics, I never viewed myself as creative.

So my photography is relatively new ... beginning in 2004. My passion for motorsports was fired early at the 1967 British Grand Prix at Silverstone, and tempered at Mid-Ohio, Sebring and Lime Rock. The focus remains on sports car racing, both current and vintage. I am not mechanical and never owned a car until well after college. Occasionally I wear a tool belt around house to get out of Annie's doghouse.

Twenty years in the stunning Bluegrass has nurtured a love of equine in all aspects. As my wife Annie is an avid gardener, much content here is related to her joy and hard work.

Reaching semi-retirement this year, I continue to learn something each time out. Two professional friends have provided guidance and encouragement: Larry Neuzel in Lexington and Jeffrey Conger at Montana State University. As I transition from amateur to a few paying assignments, they seem less than worried. I hope you enjoy this site, and you might check out theirs: and

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